24 Hours of Sunlight

There are some parts of the world where the sun never sets. The further towards the edge of the earth you go, the longer the light. This can stretch for days, weeks, even months. They call this the 'Midnight Sun.'

I used to believe New York was the only place where time was irrelevant, where sleep was an idea and not a necessity. I used to believe I would drown in the day-to-day of anywhere else, the monotony of 'a simple life.' I used to think I wanted everything until I had everything but one thing and then, like time, it became irrelevant.

What if New York wasn't the dream? What if I've been awake this whole time? If I closed my eyes, what if I could take myself to the edge of the earth where the sun never sets for days, weeks, even months on end? 

Maybe what I really want is just 24 hours of sunlight.