The Universe

In the center of the universe there is a girl. She is known, but not widely. Pretty, but will not make it a profession. In certain circles she is considered 'successful', but only by the ones that move closely around her. She has an idea of who she wants to be and can sometimes be observed looking out in one direction for many miles on end with the belief that she will get there. This is called hope.

Outside the universe someone is looking back. Years have past before the sight of her reaches him. She is standing on a long path by the water, hands in her pockets, hair mussed across her face. He feels the weight of her gaze in something that resembles a heart. He knows she is now long gone from that place and that dream either died with her or before. In what is maybe a heart, he believes she did those great things she promised herself, because maybe she knew the universe was listening and it gave her a reason to try. This is called faith.