Oh Wonder

It starts small - the twisting of lights around a streetlamp or the smell of pine in a gift shop. Then more lights, more color and dazzle, and more trees than belong in a city this gray. Soon it is in the storefronts, animated with wonder and longing, windows smudged with the noses of children who still 'believe'. Then the soundtrack to the entire city changes, as if someone lifted their finger to the tip of the Empire State Building to broadcast the same few melodies over and over again...

Although its been said, many times, many ways...

For some, the holidays descend upon us like a disease. A virus to avoid. A reason to stay put. For others, they are filled with as much warmth and familiarity as a homecoming. After 12 years in this city, I have learned how to differentiate the two. The question is simple.

Are you in love?

But more importantly,

Do you believe?